Thomas Koff


An experiment in height equality

As humans, we are born into conditions over which we have very little control: race, sex, height, eye color, and so on. We rarely get a chance to change perspectives and truly experience what it would be like to be outside of our pre-determined genetic destinies. Eye-Contact-Cocktails is an experiment that challenges that notion by bringing all participants to an equal height and allowing them to engage with each other and the world from this (literal) new point of view. 

At the event, participants are measured and provided with shoes that brings them to the height of 6'4". They then mingle and socialize with friends and strangers, with the unnatural ability to be eye-level to all people regardless of their born height. The result is a thought-provoking experience for the short and tall alike. 

 It encourages thoughts such as "How would my life be different if I was always this tall?", the next logical step being "What else in my life goes unnoticed, but shapes my experience in life?"  It is an accessible and non-threatening way to investigate privilege and challenge the way people think about their height and the height of those around them.

I partnered with Behavioral Economist Kristen Berman to collect data on participant's preferences around height. Read the review  

Inspired by Hans Hemmert