Thomas Koff

Steely or Koff?


Jenna and I brought friends and family together from all over the country to compete in the first-ever-and-only Steely or Koff naming games. The purpose was simple: to decide which last name we would assume as a married couple. The games were filled with riveting excitement, intense drama and nail biting suspense. It was a day where scissors prevailed, partners were pampered, knots were tangled, and bouquets made heroes of men and women alike.

It all came down to the final event—and we were just as surprised as everyone when we ended with a 30-30 point tie. Under this rare no-win condition, we had previously agreed to take neither Steely nor Koff, but instead turn to Thomas’s mother’s maiden name: Van Hout. (Why? because it sounds badass!)

The reason that this competition worked is that we were both willing to freely give our names to each other from a place of love and equality ...with a healthy dose of the fun and mischief that is characteristic to our relationship.

We are grateful to our amazing community of friends and family for your love, support, and help in making this decision. We look forward to our future together as the Van Houts! New website coming soon.

Photographs by Bruce Shannon