Thomas Koff

Best Bias

Guerilla Science: Art-Sci Residency

Welcome to Best Bias’s Demo Kitchen. Here we combine your cognitive and behavioral shortcuts with the everyday time-saving home appliances you know and love. We brought three new products to Figment NYC 2018 and performed some much needed real world customer testing.

Customers found truth in our Rhyme-As-Reason Refrigerator, saw faces in our newest model of Pareidolia TVs and stuck their head in our Frequency Effect Oven.

Best Bias was created as an interactive immersive environment where cognitive and behavioral biases could be demonstrated and explained in an accessible and fun way. Over the festival weekend hundreds of participants of all ages and backgrounds interacted with the project and hopefully took home a spark of curiosity about the world around them. 

The product of an artist residency supported by Guerilla Science, The Pratt Institute and the National Science Foundation. Photographs by Julian Cassady